Upcycling Sheets into Crocheted Rag Rugs

unnamed (31)


I crocheted this rag rug in  a few  hours, from one single cream coloured sheet and half a queen sized blue duvet. No pattern needed;  just make a magic circle, squeeze in 8 to 11 half double crochets into the loop and start crocheting around. I varied the rows with  half double crochets and double crochet stitches using a size Q hook…fun, fast, frugal!

I ripped the sheets length wise  into strips about 1 1/2 ” , leaving an inch or so at the end, then snipping 1 1/2 inches over to start the next strip. No need to tie ends together; the strips were continuous.

Not perfect but  I am still thrilled with my first rug.

I got my inspiration from http://www.kingsoleil.com/Upcycled_Crochet_Rug.html






4 thoughts on “Upcycling Sheets into Crocheted Rag Rugs

  1. When I was little my Mom taught me how to crochet this type of rug, and anything else I learned just by watching others. My only problem is I cannot read a pattern sample. 😦 I never thought of crocheting with material, and yours looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Whoa that’s so big! I love it – I’m teaching myself to crochet at the moment too, small steps but have to say it’s so much easier and quicker than knitting…
    I love the white rug with the cherry blossoms on it too – next challenge? 😉

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