Crochet Doll Clothes: It’s Easy and Fun


A friend connected me with a woman whose mission is to make sure no Barbie is left unclothed because her owner happens to be disadvantaged. She paid me in wool to crochet outfits for her project. Her group refurbishes Barbie dolls.

 I cannot wait to get them ready.We are putting shoes, jewelery, purses, hats and shawls to make them a complete ensemble.  Then hanging them on a hanger and putting them in a bag similar to a dry cleaning bag.



I base most of my creations on the free patterns found on a site called Mama That Makes




2 thoughts on “Crochet Doll Clothes: It’s Easy and Fun

  1. What a cool charity crochet project! And Barbie-size garments wouldn’t require that much yarn, either. In addition to my usual “no new yarn” give-up for Lent, I’ve been thinking of giving up yarn swaps (a favorite activity of mine on Ravelry) this Lent, and spending my crafting time doing more charity crochet instead. I’ll have to add “clothes for poor Barbies” to the charities I crochet for!

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