Crocheted Playbook: Under The Sea


This playbook is not for a preschooler but a young child who is learning how to play games. One page is similar to a board game which I called Finding Nemo,



another Sea Turtle Tic Tac Toe,20160607_143340


and a Clam Matching Game.20160609_155213

There are other interactive pages featuring a three-dimensional whale, starfish, and mermaid



Although I changed details, especially the look of the mermaid, it was based on  a pattern found on Creative Crochet Workshop .You will find detailed instructions for every page on this link.


This crocheted playbook was fun to create. I simply crocheted the pages together and they turn easily. There are hidden pockets, including a chest, a clam shell, and a net to store all the interactive pieces.



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