Charming Crocheted DollHouse Furniture

After I saw patterns which used pieces of cardboard or plastic  sheets with grids to make doll appliances, I thought of covering lego blocks with crochet to create an entire set of dollhouse furniture. It was simple to do and frankly, a lot of fun. The results were better than I even imagined.


The base of this bed is lego, then I simply covered it with thick blanket yarn to create the look of a mattress, added a bed skirt, blankets, pillow and sewed on a headboard. The dresser is also just leg covered with crochet. Both pieces of doll furniture are very simple to make without a pattern.20160730_191321I found two flat pieces of lightweight wood for the base of the bunk bed mattresses but plastic or cardboard would suffice. The headboard and footboard are simply  crocheted in rounds so you end up with a two-sided, rigid piece as the supports for the bunk beds.


The foundation of the table is cut out from a plastic lid and the base a small plastic cup. The chair w40a0867bbfdf40dc5fb9282457a1a82cas doll-sized but broken, so I covered it and reattached the back to the chair.

To see an entire kitchen made from covering lego with crochet




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