A Crocheted Play Book

I stumbled on whole the idea of crocheted  playbook at http://creativecrochettoys.blogspot.ca/.  I created an original animal book for one grandson’s birthday and I am now copying Joanita Theron’s “my little playhouse” crocheted book for a granddaughter’s third birthday.

Most of the pages in my first crocheted book are original because my grandson was too young for Joanita’s playbook. Some of the appliques  I made up as I went along, others came from free crocheted applique patterns on Pinterest. However, the first page with the pirate on a ship came from her blog at  Creative Crocheted Toys 


This entire project was so much fun and my 2-year-old grandson is completely enthralled with both the texture, colour and detail on every page. I  used an old binder to put the crocheted pages together.

unnamed (4).jpgn


So far, I have a pirate front page with an under the sea page, seashore, birds, insects, two farm pages and indoor pet page.

















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