Crochet an Adorable Princess Anna and Princess Elsa

When I tried to find a good pattern for more frozen dolls, I discovered the best patterns had been sold to a company and were no longer available for free. I Had already crocheted a wonderful Kristoff, Olaf but only HALF of Princess Anna.

Crocheted Doll Pattern by Becky Ann Smith ON RAVELRY

Olaf pattern

20150122_003354 (1)

As I looked for other alternative patterns for princess Elsa, I was disappointed. So I crocheted a dolcrochet dl following a basic doll pattern and then did my own Elsa. She turned out perfect, not too slinky, not too weird looking, just an appealing doll for a four-year-old.

Here is the pattern for a one piece doll from the fabulous blog called AmigurumiBB’s Blog

I crocheted a blond hat, a wig and attached it to the dolls head before adding long strands of yarn for the braid. This base wig prevents any gaps showing if the long strands of hair separate.

Here is a good post on doll hair

The bodice of the dress  and the arms are simply the body of the doll crocheted in blue. I crocheted  two rows on top afterward and attached a cape to make the dol seem as if she really has a dress on. The skirt is attached to the waist after the doll is finished.

I crocheted a white lace crown using thin cotton thread and a size 2,7 hook but had to add thicker blue wool behind so the crown would show up.


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