When a Cowl Becomes a Kid’s Hat

hatThis is the easiest hat to make because basically it is a tube, edged with a contrasting colour, with ears tacked on. Period.

I used soft Bernat Blanket Yarn which is very thick with a size 9 / N crochet hook. Of course, it would be easy to knit as well. I actually made it for a younger child in mind, so it really should be a bit longer to tuck into a jacket.

You can use any thickness of yarn with any hook size for this project.

Just cast on enough stitches to encircle a child’s face,  join into a circle without twisting the chain and crochet in rounds.


2 thoughts on “When a Cowl Becomes a Kid’s Hat

  1. I love your animal cowls. So cute 😊 I was hoping that you would be able to make me a wolf cowl or something suitable for a 9 month old?

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