Animal Hooded Cowls

crochetThese hooded cowls are so easy to crochet without resorting to a pattern. I picked up the basic idea of how to make a hooded cowl from this pattern, but I have made adjustments.

For a one-year-old child, chain 35 stitches with thick yarn such as Bernat Blanket Yarn using an N-9mm hook, make a magic circle and double crochet three rows for the neck. Reduce the stitches by 10 for the face area and make 6 more rows. Join  with a top seam and crochet around the face, adding ears if desired.

Voila- an adorable hat.


Post a picture and before you know it you will have requests for more hats than you can crochet. Etsy wanted over 6 dollars for  patterns for animal hooded cowls. Instead, I unearthed the free pattern to give me some idea of how to make a hooded cowl, then adapted the pattern.

My results were a wonderful surprise.


3 thoughts on “Animal Hooded Cowls

    1. After crocheting the neck section in a circle, like a cowl, you simply leave ten stitches uncrocheted when you get to the face. Now you will be crocheting not in a circle but back and forth in a U shape.

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