Cuddley Dino Hat

Yes, dinos can20141211_134408 be cute and cuddly when crocheted with a soft blanket yarn and a big hook. I used a 9mm, I hook. Of course this meant that I had to adapt patterns.

The hat follows the standard pattern for hats in the round

Simply make a magic circle, add 10 double crochet stitches into the circle.

R2   a double stitch in every stitch

R3  two double stitches in first stitch, then one single in the next stitch. Repeat all around

Row4  2 double in first stitch, then single  stitch in the next two stitches and repeat all around

R5    single stitch in every stitch. Repeat R5 till hat is big enough for  your child.

Do not fasten off but crochet 10 for ear flaps and turn. The ear flaps are ten stitches wide. Each row I decreased at each end till I came to a point then continued by chaining 20 for the tie.

Dino spikes

Make a magic circle, 6 single stitches . Follow typical first two rows of increase but add a single crochet row between increase rows.

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